What is Gossip?

In the movie, Doubt, there is a powerful scene where actor, Philip Seymour Hoffman, playing the role of a priest gives a sermon on gossip… A woman was gossiping with a friend about a man she hardly knew— I know none of you have ever done this—that night she had a dream. A great hand(…)

How to Give Yourself an Instant Raise at Work

In a nutshell, one needs to increase the number of allowances on their W-4 at work. For example, the link below explains how a person in the 25% tax bracket can change a single allowance (add/subtract) and it will change the tax withheld by about $950. In other words, if one could create $3,800 of deductable(…)

First Date

We call them “Daddy Dates”. I’ve taken pictures but I think I’d like to shoot some video next time. My kids are growing up so fast… I want to capture them so I will always remember the smile on their faces and the sparkles in their eyes. I love my kids. Enjoy 😉

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