The Cup

I have recently started sharing my own personal testimony in a little story I call “The Cup”. Many years ago, I heard Stephen Covey’s analogy of “Big Rocks” ( that represents how to prioritize one’s life. However, at the end of one particular version of the story, a different author added the concept of always(…)

Wingsuits Are Crazy!

Here’s an unbelievable wingsuit flight through the eye of a needle… absolutely crazy, dangerous, and incredible. I often wonder what some of these amazing feats are about? Is it just something people with tons of energy who are bored with life do… they go thrill seeking? OR are many of these people testifying to truths(…)

Merryman White Knights

  Welcome to Merryman White Nights Football Dear Parents, My name is Romy Blystone and I will be coaching your child in football this year. I have coached multiple sports (e.g. football, baseball, basketball, and soccer) at multiple levels (e.g. 4th-12th grade) and am excited about this new season. What I have learned throughout those(…)

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