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For nearly a decade, my mantra to “Testify, Serve, and Believe” has served me well in every role I play… from Christian, husband, and father to entrepreneur, mentor, and coach. I have since developed a series of PEP (i.e. People Engagement/Encouragement/Empowerment Program) Talks around it and am now working on a companion book for those who want to take a deeper dive.

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We Need To Practice All Three… No Exceptions.

A Quote…

I recently learned that the meaning of life is to discover one’s gifts while the purpose of life is to give them away.

I have discovered that my greatest gifts include the breath in my lungs, the thoughts in my mind, the values of my heart, and the spirit in my body. I freely give these gifts in the service of others.

Let me help you discover your gifts. The world needs them.

Romy Blystone
Thinker, Reader, Listener, Writer, Speaker, Doer

About Romy

Romy & Brenda BlystoneRomy Blystone has worked with youth, and in particular, at-risk youth, since he was one himself back in the late 80’s.

This includes working in a daycare, as a “manny”, as a director of an after-school program, at a local group home and shelter care facility, in a high school at-risk setting, in a jail program, and with high school students in an apprenticeship program. Romy has also mentored students with emotional issues and coached multiple sports every year for the past 25 years.

Today, Romy’s passion is to teach character/leadership habits, social/emotional intelligence, and employability/entrepreneurial skills. From his personal testimony to his recent certification as a Habitudes® Master Consultant, Mr. Blystone’s message rings true no matter where you come from… or where you are going.


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